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Download your prescription

To use our Collection Service

  • Just download & complete one of our ‘prescription dockets’ (1 per patient/case) and enclose any associated impression(s) and call 020 8444 0880 to arrange a collection.


  • Once received at our laboratory, one of our expert technicians will manufacture the appliance with a usual turnaround of between 7-10 working days*.

  • Once your case has met our rigorous quality standards, we will deliver it back on the day indicated on the prescription with a copy for your records.


  • If you have any questions about your case(s) our technicians are always happy to discuss them with you.


  • Please note, we can also provide a 'colour match' service with a trained ceramist to assist your patient on request.


* If your job is urgent, please call us on 020 8444 0880 and if possible we will express your case.

Just click this image (PDF) to download your prescription

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